Second Chances: Life’s Signal to Not Give Up!

As cliché as it might sound, “Life does work in mysterious ways”. Many attach a negative connotation to this unpredictability, only associating it with unexpected shocks and failures.

However, the story of Aman Pandey (Head, Market Expansion) is the best example of the positive side of it; how life tends to help you in its own way; through 2nd Chances.

Second Chance #1: A Hope Amidst Dissatisfaction

The creation process of a product/service and how it aligns with the output has always interested me. Therefore, despite being a B.Tech graduate, it’s “management” that has piqued my interest.

Another love of mine was “Gaming” which is where I landed my 1st job. Though great fun (I basically had to play games all day), the 5 hour travel (both sides) and low pay wasn’t worth it. So, I decided to switch and to my surprise, landed an MNC role in 2017. Not going to lie, I was happy. I’d satisfied my parents. was nailing my work, and had ample free time in hand. Moreover, I was part of a proper corporate culture with some great peers. 3–4 months down the line though, monotony started kicking in. I feared that any more time spent here would depreciate my skills. Moreover, I’ll lose the ability to face challenging situations. Thus, I needed to get out of the comfort zone I was developing here.

I was lost on what to do next because while I thought I had “made it“, I still wasn’t satisfied. It’s here that I found my next calling……..MBA! So, I started to use the free time in office to prepare for CAT. Life had shown me the way to sort my future out and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste!

Second Chance #2: Securing the MBA seat

I dedicated myself to CAT preparations. Despite my efforts though, I didn’t make it. My chance at redemption, now gone! However, instead of giving up, I decided to bounce back and started preparing for the XAT Exam. A viable alternative to CAT, this was also a way to fulfill my management dreams. Despite great XAT scores, I failed to crack the interview. For a change, this wasn’t the end of my world as based on my scores and their interview, I finally landed an MBA seat in KJ Somaiya in 2018. That’s when I left my job and dedicated myself here.

I used this opportunity to perfect myself in “Brand and Marketing”. I got huge sponsorships for my committee and contributed to many successful events. I was confident enough to not even apply for any “non-branding and marketing” placements. This came to bite me later as I had to let go of attractive offers and mass recruiters.

So, while everybody was celebrating, I was waiting!

But it all finally paid off when I got selected in a renowned big shot company, out of 100+ candidates. This time, I had successfully cashed in on this 2nd chance by life!

This wasn’t the end of my problems though!

Second Chance #3: Reeling through Major Disappointment

Just when I thought my life was sorted, the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and my “dream job offer” got revoked. This was my breaking point! I felt I’d failed my parents and wasted their money. Weakness and self doubt started taking over and I was sure that this is the end.

I came to know about Classplus through LinkedIn, and it was August 2020 when I decided to approach them in a last ditch effort. They did reach out to me and gave me some very creative and interesting assignments. Throughout the process, I noticed everyone’s passion for the brand (including the founder’s). I loved how quickly they closed my loop/finished my interview process.

I eventually joined as a Market Expansion Analyst. Though not the field I was looking for, working at Classplus gave me the confidence and skills to nail this Sales role. I owe them for not just unlocking a potential of mine, but also for giving me a 2nd chance when I needed it the most.

Aman is a living example that instead of giving up, one needs to look for the right moment to grow. At every phase of his life, he had faced devastating setbacks; but thanks to life’s 2nd chances, he overcame those and went on to achieve even greater things.

So, trust in your destiny and always believe that when times get hard, life does give you a chance at redemption, a 2nd chance!



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