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Brands, brands and more brands. We love them and we hate them. There are many that evoke several emotions in us — joy, happiness, pride, or trust.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this image? Reply to us!

With the first bottle sold on 8 May, 1886, Coke turned 136 last week! 🥂 We want to talk about our beloved beverage Coca Cola in this newsletter.

A fun fact to remember the next time you have a Coke!

Coca Cola’s top 40 markets have a total population of 6.4Bn i.e. 80% of the total world population i.e. 7.9Bn. Coca Cola estimates its consumers at 880Mn i.e. 11% of the world population! That means 1 in every 9 people selected at random is a consumer of Coca Cola. Below image represents the Coke consumers in its top 40 markets.

While we may not know the secret recipe of Coca Cola, we do have some insights about their marketing strategy.

Coca Cola focuses on consumer centric data. The data points that can be scaled are selected and then used to create global marketing strategies. Coke keeps its campaign simple and consistent. Two emotions that Coke actively communicates are enjoyment and happiness. They are razor-sharp when it comes to speed, right from experimentation to global execution for campaigns.

At Classplus too, “speed” is one of our most celebrated greatness principles! 😬

A brief timeline for the history nerds (yes, we are nerds!) 🤓

Classplus News 📰!

A room full of tech nerds. Cans of Red Bulls on all desks. A big TV in the center of the room with a time clock ticking. Only one thing in everyone’s mind.

Eat. Sleep. Code. Repeat.

Last week, Classplus hosted its very own HACKATHON! 72 hours of pure coding, 3 problem statements and a trip to Thailand on the line!

We create. 📲

We collaborate. 🤝

We celebrate. 🎉

Do good, be good when you are in our n’hood 🏀.

Watch this space for more such fun updates from Classplus.

If we add even a tiny smile on your beautiful face, our work here is done. Stay classy!




We create. We collaborate. We celebrate.

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We create. We collaborate. We celebrate.

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